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Women with Integrity is a wonderful group of women who have come together to:

- Foster new friendships between women of all ages, races, colors and creeds

- Help to further causes relating to and involving women and children all over the world

- Learn and grow in our creative endeavors be they literary or graphic

- Share our passions and our caring selves with one another

- Create a network of women's websites all over the internet

- Be there for one another in good times and bad.

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About Us

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Women with Integrity consists of several "action" committees and three "fun" committees.

In order to join the "fun" committees, you must also subscribe to one of the "action" committees.

Please use the Table below and click on the links to discover and learn more of what each committee is about and which you would like to join.

It is my fervent wish that you join
one of the above mentioned committees
as all are for the benefit of our members
as well as non - members.







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