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Our Charter

Women With Integrity previously known as "Caring Women of the World" have retained the charter, as well as some of the concepts, as it was meant to bring women together on common ground and provide a network allowing them to connect with one another.

Women with Integrity  reaches out to all corners of the globe, where women come together to share ideas, spread joy, support one another, and to build friendships.

Our members come from every color, race and religion and are shown no prejudice.

Women With Integrity  gives support, whether a member needs help with an idea, support through one of life's hardships, prayers for a friend or family member, and so much more.

Our Aim is to :

Provide Members with opportunities to promote their sites, also support them in their competitions.

Foster new friendships between women of all ages, races colors and creeds.

Help to further causes relating to and involving women and children all over the world.

Learn and grow in our creative endeavors be they literary or graphics.

Share our passions and our caring selves with one another.

Create a network of women's websites all over the internet.

Be there for one another in good times and bad.

We stand united showing love and support for one
another, in all facets of interaction.

If you find that our Charter, Creed and our Rules are to your satisfaction, then by all means, join us.

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as we enjoyed having you, please visit us again soon.

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