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Crowning the Years
Women With Integrity
On behalf of us all here at WWI,
it gives us great pleasure to present you
with your Awards.


So many times you have been there
With gentleness so set apart
Words of such encouragement
That could only come from the heart

Our  Awards
Presented today are for your participation, interaction, and
assistance to our groups throughout this decade:
Many thanks to all of you:
Committee Award
Anne- Co Owner
Jan Team Leader

With great appreciation from all of us here
at WWI, you have with your participation and interaction
aided our Group in many ways:
We thank you for your dedication over the years:
Icemaid  &  Anne

Graphics by  Jonathon Bowser
Thank you for permission granted.
Web Design: Icemaid
Women With Integrity
Many thanks to the Magical Creations Team,
your assistance is much appreciated:
Original artwork remains the copyrighted property of
Jonathon Bowser