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Caring Women of the World
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Crowning the Years

Our Owners

Icemaid                            Anne



Our Owners dreamed a marvellous dream
that women be united globally
that we would share our joy and our tears
and in secret aid to allay a sister's fears

We would exchange cultures
and our heritage
for after all that is all we can give
not only to the women whom we meet
but to all who our pages do read

So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that warms a heart that bleeds,
yet WWI  tells of the days
where another women's needs be met,
a dream, within a dream, complete

-=|=- Icemaid -=|=-


Our Group Owner Icemaid became Owner in the year 2004-2005, and kept to the Founders dream, in the year 2006 Anne joined her as Co-Owner,  the  idea to have Ladies from all walks of life, come together,  to share their cultures, ideas,  most of all enjoy each others company in the spirit of friendship.

The group retained a few committee's and then implemented the various Courses, and because the original Web Ring was deleted by accident, another was started.
As with all groups, we have seen many members come and go throughout this period, although many of the foundation members are still the backbone of this group.

We have throughout this period added more committees as the need arose, to cater to the various skills and needs of our group, and closed others which no longer served our needs.

Our group has changed some of it charter, incorporating various courses into the group, we have had and still do have some phenomenal Tutors that make up WWI.

We have also had the wonderful pleasure of choosing our outstanding Members of the Year, Our Mothers of the Year, Our Valentine's.

We have also had our tragedies -the deaths of members, as well as the loss of Members loved ones.

We  owe it to our members who with their participation make WWI,  the wonderful group that it is.

May we long prosper and grow in love, friendship, most of all -friendship.

Anne & I wish everyone a very happy anniversary and may we all enjoy many more years in friendship and true sisterhood.




We have indeed been fortunate to have some outstanding members, it is our silent members who have worked in the background ensuring that everything flowed smoothly.
Our various Committee's who have  so diligently worked in unity:
Our Team Leaders & Staff Members,  who have over the years worked tirelessly to ensure that Members needs be met.
Our In house poet B'anne who is always available and ready whenever called upon to write a poem.   Thank you B'Anne.
Many thanks go to "Francine" who is always willing to assist with her prose, for our special occasions.
Last and not least, our members I would like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone for you make WWI:
Thank you:
The Group has undergone many changes and I guess there will be more to come, but hopefully these changes will be as Members would like it to be:
What does WWI mean to me?
WWI has become a wonderful group and I feel we are a global family, concerned for each others welfare.

Albeit oceans separate us and we are from all walks of life, we have a mutual desire "to be friends".

To me WWI is home away from home, where I can share my laughter as well as my tears and have a shoulder to lean on. 

Someone is always there to bring on the laughter, as well as frivolity which makes for a great atmosphere.

I wish everyone a very happy anniversary and may we all enjoy many more years in friendship and true sisterhood.
Come, walk with me through the corridors of our crowning years!
Icemaid & Anne

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