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Caring Women of the World
Women With Integrity

Crowning the Years

Our Founders

Sharon                              Maralyn



Our Group had a marvellous dream
that women be united globally
the dream no longer a dream but reality
what a glorious feat

In friendship we stand united
helping each other through thick and thin
we cannot let one sister go unaided
assisting wherever there is a need

the dream no longer a dream
we join the merry throng
knowing we have a safe haven
a place where we all belong

It matters not
the colour of our skin
nor our race or our creed
In friendship
we outstretch our hands
over oceans and many lands
joining the circle of friendship
that has no end

-=|=- Icemaid -=|=-
©June 2000-2001


Our Group Owners,  Maralyn and Sharon in the year 2000, had a dream, an idea to have Ladies from all walks of life, come together,  to share their cultures, ideas,  most of all enjoy each others company in the spirit of friendship.

The group started with a few committee's and it is quite extensive now.
As with all groups, we have seen many members come and go throughout this period, although many of the foundation members are still the backbone of this group.

We have throughout this period added more committees as the need arose, to cater to the various skills and needs of our group, and closed others which no longer served our needs.

We have also had the wonderful pleasure of choosing our outstanding Members of the Year, Our Mothers of the Year, Our Valentine's, we have also had the pleasure of taking part in the birth of Venus's first baby, to whom we are all online aunts.

We have also had our tragedies -the deaths of members, "Marlene, Khaki, Bibiche,  as well as the loss of members loved ones.

We have grown in leaps and bounds and we owe it to our members who with their participation make WWI,  the wonderful group that it is.

May we long prosper and grow in love, friendship, most of all -friendship.

Congratulations to our Co-Owner Anne, our Team Leaders and our Members alike for making WWI the safe haven that it is.



This group  was  founded by Maralyn and Sharon, and with their
dream and foresight this group is still here, albeit with changes.
In 1994-1995 group ownership was passed over to me:
This was a great undertaking and I promised to keep
the groups guidelines, aims  which we had set.
Therefore, thanks must be given to our Founders, without
whose  dream "Caring Women"
now called "Women With Integrity" would not be a reality.
Congratulations Maralyn & Sharon S
Your dream continues !!



    Happy 10th Anniversary 
Many thanks to all  Members  past & present
who have made this day possible.

Graphics by  ©Harrison Fisher
Thank you for permission granted.

Poetry:  © Icemaid

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Women With Integrity
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