Jonathon's superb artistry, refined by years of practice, reminds us
of the harmony, beauty and balance that
still exist in our natural world.


Seek the gifts that are within your heart,
Hands that reach across our worlds,
Peace, hope, tranquility gently will start.
Bringing Happiness to all.



Ladies meet Jonathon,

Jon is an adventurer and a dreamer, managing to do for a living what most of us can only fantasize about.

 He shares his experiences with us through his artwork, so vividly, that we feel that we are there too.  

 This is a rare opportunity for you to start your own collection of Jonathon Bowser's  artwork.  

His talent will bring you pleasure for years to come.

To Learn more about Jonathon please visit his site:

©Jonathon Earl Bowser
Please go to  Jonathon's site and Jon will show you
his world and the beauty within.

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            1st prize:     Jonathon Bowser Signed Print

          2nd prize:   Jonathon Bowser Signed Print

 Commencement of Competition:

  Date :              23rd June  2010

  Deadline :         14th July   2010
 Judged :            16th July   2010
   Results :          18th July   2010

So Ladies, this is an opportunity for you All

This Competition covers the following Groups

WWI Magical Mist
WWI Magical Creations
Cherished Friends PSP Room



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