Seek the gifts that are within your heart,
Hands that reach across our oceans and lands,
Peace, hope, serenity gently will start.
Bringing Understanding and Happiness to all.




Ladies meet Nene


This is a rare opportunity for you to start your own collection of     Nene Thomas's  artwork.  

Her talent will bring you pleasure for years to come.

To Learn more about Nene please visit her website:

©Nene Thomas
Please go to Nene's site and Nene will show you
her world and the beauty within. It is indeed awe inspiring:


            1st prize: Nene Thomas Signed Print " Chorus"
          2nd prizeNene Thomas Signed Print  " Jeanne-A-Portrait"


          1st prize:   Nene Thomas Signed Print "Astranaithes"

          2nd prizeNene Thomas Signed Print "Moon Indigo "

          Honourable Mentions :

          Prizes to be announced:  Keep tuned:

Closing Date for the Contest:
  Closing Date :         4th December   2010
         Judged :           6th December   2010
         Results :           8th December   2010

So Ladies, this is an opportunity for you all,
Nene's generosity has provided these wonderful
gifts, to start your own collection of glorious art.

This Competition covers the following Groups

WWI Magical Mist
WWI Magical Creations
The Learning PSP Group
The Learning Group Graduates



©Graphics by ©Nene Thomas

Thank you for Nene for your generosity and kindness bestowed on us all
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