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We hope that you find the information here helpful.

These are the events that have been give so far. So if you know of more that should be listed here, please let us know so we may add them

If you wish to make a page  or have a page for your special religious and cultural holidays, please let me know so we can link to these pages.



January 01

New Years Day--Global Holiday

January 15

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (USA)

January 26

Australia Day- Landing of Captain J.Cook


February 02

Imbolic Day Wicca Celebration of the re-birth of God

February 14

Valentine's Day Universal Day for Proclaiming Love

February 19

President's Day (USA)Tribute to American Presidents

February 28

Ash Wednesday-Catholic Religious Pre-Lent Holiday


March 01

David's Day (U.K.) Honouring an English Saint

March 12

Labour Day (Australia) Celebration of Work Unions

March 13

Commonwealth Day (U.K.)

March 17

St. Patrick's Day Honouring the Irish Saint

March 21

Ostara Spring Equinox, Called Alban Eiler by the Druids.


Roughly corresponds to the Christian Easter (Wiccan)

March 25

Mothering Sunday (U.K.)


April 01

April Fool's Day --Time to fool someone

April 13

Good Friday Crucifixion of Jesus (Christian Holiday)

April 15

Easter Sunday Resurrection of Jesus (Christian Holiday

April 20

Remembrance Day of those lost during the Holocaust (U.K.)

April 21

Queen's Birthday Celebrations.(U.K.)

April 22

Earth Day (U.K.)

April 23

St George's Day (U.K.) Honouring an English Saint

April 23

Shakespeare--Celebrating the Great Writer's Birthday (UK)

April 25

Anzac Day- Remembering War Veterans Australian/NewZealand

April 30

Beltane Day (Wiccan) Mating of the Goddess and God.


May 01

Beltane-Honor of the house guardian. (Wiccan)

May 05

Cinco de Mayo Day (USA) Mexican Independence Day

May 07

May Day (U.K.)

May 13

Mothers day- Celebrated in honor of Mothers (Australian)

May 22

Victoria Day (Canada)

May 28

Memorial Day (USA) Remembering War Veterans


June 11

Queen's Birthday -Celebration thereof -(Australia)

June 15

Signing of the Magna Carta 1215 (U.K.)

June 17

Father's Day  Celebrations (USA) (U.K.)

June 22

Summer Solstice (Wicca)

June 30

Midsummer Day Summer Solstice (Wicca)


July 01

Canada Day (Canada) National Day

July 04

Independence Day (USA)--From Bristish Rule

July 12

Battle of Boyne N. Ireland (U.K.)


August 01

Lughnasadh Day- The waning God- the waxing Godess.

August 07

Natal Day (Canada

August 27

Summer Bank Holiday (U.K.)


September 03

Labor Day (USA) Celebration of Work Unions

September 09

Father's Day Celebrations -(Australia)

September 18

Rosh Hashanah ( Jewish)

September 21

Autumn Equinox -- or Halloween (Wicca)

September 26

Yom Kippur (U.K.)


October 08

Columbus Day (USA) Discovery of the America's

October 09

Thanksgiving Day

October 24

United Nations Day (U.K.)

October 31

Halloween (USA) -Day of the Dead Festival (Wicca)

October 31

Ancestor Night or Samhain Communion with the Dead(Wicca)


November 01

All Saints Day (Catholic)

November 02

All Souls Day (Catholic)

November 05

Guy Fawkes Day (U.K.)

November 11

Veterans' Day (USA) Honoring all deceased Veterans

November 11

Remembrance Day (Aus) Honoring all deceased Veterans

November 11

Remembrance Day (Cna) Honoring all deceased Veterans

November 22

Thanksgiving Day (USA) Pilgrims & Indians meet

November 30

St Andrew's Day (U.K.) Honouring an English Sain


December 06

St.Nicholas Day-- Movable feast

December 10

Hanukkah Jewish Christmas

December 21

Winter Solstice or Yule Time (Wicca)

December 25

Christmas Day Christian Holiday ..Birth of Jesus

December 26

Boxing Day (Australia) St Stevens day (Europe)

December 26

Kwanzaa (USA) African-American Christmas

December 26

Boxing Day (Canada)

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