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These very rules are the foundation of our Group.
As with all groups there must be rules and guidelines
for everyone to abide by.

We want to keep our  group a fun loving group, and still maintain some semblance of order.

By displaying your Membership plaque and becoming a member of WWI, you represent us and must therefore abide by the rules of the group.

If after reading our rules/guidelines, you are still interested in joining our group, please complete the membership application form.

By applying for membership in WWI,  you are agreeing to abide by these rules/guidelines.

Women With Integrity is a diverse group and welcomes all women to apply.

The only restrictions is that members be over 18 and female.

In order to remain a member of this group, you must be a member of at least one team, and you must be ACTIVE on all the teams you choose to join.
All members who are inactive for a period over 30 days may have their membership revoked
You do not need to have a personal web site to qualify for membership, although it would be to your benefit to have one.
Sites that are strictly commercial will not be considered.
All sites submitted must be family friendly web sites.
WWI does allow its members to take up to a 4 weeks LOA. The Founders reserve the right to limit any members they feel may be abusing this trust.

All members must display their Membership and Team Plaque on their personal web site and it must be linked back to WWI  (http://womenwithintegrity.net)

All members are to join our WWI Web Ring which unites all our members.

Respect all other Members, Team Leaders and Founders of WWI. Every member must be treated in a caring, helpful manner.

No flaming of Members will be tolerated and will be subject to instant removal:

As a member you agree to participate in our mandatory mailing lists from your team (s) and our News Desk,  which is used to make important announcements about our group.

When you join, you will be sent a Membership PLAQUE. Be proud of being a WOMEN WITH INTEGRITY  Member and display this emblem on your Memberships Page


We do hope you enjoyed your visit,
as we enjoyed having you, please visit us again soon.

Whilst visiting would you be kind enough
to sign our guestbook!!



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