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Committee Description

Members are responsible for welcoming our New Members as they join WWI, either via email - signing their guest books, or cards.
Our Welcoming Committee is a very vital Committee, as you are the first that our new member meets, therefore you ladies are also our
Ambassadors of Goodwill, to our Sisters and Online Friends.

This is an Action Committee

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WWI Welcoming Committee Guidelines

You must be subscribed to the WWI Welcoming group.
Your Team Leader will email you of new members as they are received.
As a member of this committee, you will be REQUIRED to either visit the home site of the new member, and/or email or ecard each of the new members welcoming them to Women with Integrity

You should also leave your choice of one of the WELCOME GRAPHICS, or email them one.
Please link it back to
WWI's Home Page
If you need a Leave of Absence,
the Team Leader requests that you email her PRIVATELY at
For further information...please contact:

TEAM LEADER WWI Welcoming Sisters.

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Re: Invitations

Welcoming Heralds is a committee is set up to spread the news of this new and growing group.

If you feel you would like to join this committee, please read the following rules and guidelines, and make sure you can commit to them before signing up.

It is our responsibility to choose a Women's Based Web Ring from which ever Ring Site you wish...and send a standard invitation to Women via their Guest Books to join our group.
There is no time frame but a set amount of women per week are to be invited by each member --Invitation per member is (5) but can be more.

You will be given a Generic Invitation text and Graphic or you may chose your own words and Graphic.
You need to discuss with your Team Leader which you'd prefer to do.

You will find graphics in the members area or you can make your own..

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Our Members are:
VAL Team Leader
Lavada Asst Team Leader
Marjorie Gail Lavada
Maxine Patricia
Geena Roberta
Deborah Jan
Lillian Mara B'anne
Icemaid Anne

I hope to see you in this group.

If you wish to know more...please email me

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We do hope you enjoyed your visit, as we enjoyed
having you, please visit us again soon.


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