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Welcome to the WWI Secret Friends Committee Pages



Welcome Ladies

It is with the greatest pleasure that we present you Ladies with your new home. All that you need to makes your calling in Secret Friends.

It is with pleasure that WWI can bring to you, your very own resource to enable you flexibility and a way to enhance the calling you have taken on in this committee.

Here in the Secret Friends  section, you will have special access to Artist permissioned mists and tubes to create your own gifts for members.

You also have the opportunity to choose a special page that celebrations will make up for you for someone in your care.

There is also a selection of premade tags/gifts that you may choose from to give to your spoilee.

I hope that we can work together to supply you with what you need here to enjoy and treat your wards.

Please do not hesitate to hit the Contact link if you need to contact me.

Many kind regards

Lady Maria


Icemaid - Owner/Founder
Anne - Co -Owner

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Member Information

Our Secret Friends Team Leader will send you assignments containing the list of names for the sick and needy,  ecards,  and email messages to help our member in need of spoiling.

Each Secret Friend will spoil their Ward for a week, at the end of such time our members must Guess who you are:

Our Secret Friends do so in secrecy - so as not to give away who they are, this is part of getting to know one another, at the end of
spoiling, you reveal yourself, should your Ward not be able to
guess who you are:

Should you need a Leave of Absence,  the Team Leader would ask that you email her PRIVATELY at

For further information...please contact: Lady Maria

We hope to see you here !!

Icemaid - Owner/Founder
Anne - Co -Owner


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