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Magical Mists & Tubes


These pages feature mists and tubes by Icemaid and Anne. Various artists have generously granted permission to WWI to use their artwork for the purpose of WWI graphics ONLY.  There is no leeway in their permission for these graphics to be used any other way.

There is also general artist permissions as well in this area, so we shall be careful to make the artists' permissions clear.  You may use these for personal use but you can not share them.

 These are also not to be shared and are for WWI purposes only where stated.

At any stage, should an artist revoke permission, we shall ask that you remove the mists/tubes from your hard drive.  Your co-operation would be much appreciated in this.

These artists works can be used for classes as part of the tutorials.  Do read the terms of use please and stipulate them to your students. Please give credit where credit is due:


The Artist No No List
The Artists that Allow List  are being prepared
and will be found here on the following pages:


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