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* About Us * Committees * Rules Guidelines *
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Membership Rules and Guidelines

Women With Integrity are women who have come together to make new friends, share our skills and mostly be ourselves. We are a group of all ages,
races and creeds, who support and assist one another in all our joys and trials.

We hope you will join us!

Women of Integrity requests that if you join us:

Your participation is desired on at least one team (graphics, literary, and/or chat) -if you own a website, you join the Women With Integrity
Web Ring.(Your website to be safe for all ages to visit)

The group rules are:

1. Stay in touch with your Team Leader ..
2. If you need to change your url, email or any other information, please fill out the form here: http://womenwithintegrity.net/changes.html
3.Spamming or flaming of other members will not be permitted, should this arise it is cause for instant dismissal.
4. If you need LOA - please notify your Team Leader.  Upon returning from LOA, let your team Leader know, so she may reset your status on the list.
5. You will be added to the team of your choice (graphics, literary or chat) and to the main news list. 
Your mail settings are to be set on  individual emails, in the  graphic groups, but you do have a choice of digest mail in others.
6. There will no adult content of any kind. 
 Remember that this is a FAMILY oriented Group and if it is not appropriate for children to see , it is not appropriate for the group.
7. All members MUST display their Proud Member Pla
que on their personal website and it must be linked back to the Women With Integrity .


The Proud Member plaque must be displayed in it's original size, 306 x 353 pixels. 

All members MUST also join Women with Integrity  web ring which unites our members in a circle of Friendship. 

Members are allowed 14 days upon membership approval to have the ring fragment and Proud Member plaque up on the site.

In order to be a member of this group, you must agree to be ACTIVE on at least one W.W.I. committee. 

All members who are inactive for a period over 30 days will have their membership revoked.

Most of all, we are here to care and support each other 
-be it good times or sad-

Should your graphics, web sets,  poetry,  be used for WWI pagesyour graphics, web sets, poetry will be linked back to you and yoursite not to Women with Integrity. Our aim is to promote your sites and try to give accreditation where accreditation is due.

If you think you can meet the above criteria:


We would love to have you as our member.

We are women who care about each other and 
maybe with our caring attitude, we may make a difference
and bring joy to each other.


* About Us * Committees * Rules Guidelines *
* Meet Our Management *

Many thanks to Jonathan Earl Bowser
Thomas Kinkade
For permission to use your wonderful graphics.

This webpage and graphics designed by
K DuFresne of Wizardry Design
Co-Founder for WWI

All Graphics and Design here remain
the property of Women With Integrity
No Downloading/Copying of images
to mist, tube or chop is permitted.

Original artwork remains the copyrighted property of
their respective artists

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