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What are Web Rings?

Just a word about Web Rings in general for those of you who are unfamiliar with them. Web Rings are a way of bringing websites of similar content together on the WWW. 

All of them have a 'next' button. If you press this button it will take you to the next site on the ring and if you keep pressing it on each site you come to, you will eventually end up where you started from.

Women With Integrity

This Women With Integrity Ring was formed and founded on August 9th 2005.

The first main rule is you MUST have a site on the World Wide Web before you can join this web Ring.

1. WWI is a group that is made up of women from all around the world. The only restriction that we do have is that you must be 18 to join. 

2. Your site must be family friendly, if your site contains pornography, profanity, illegal activity or links to a site that promotes those things, your site will not be accepted. 
We DO NOT accept any commercial sites into this web Ring.

We do reserve the right to deny membership to any site that
we deem inappropriate.;

3. Once your application is submitted, your site will be reviewed by our web Ring mistress. The site must be easy to navigate and have no broken links. Your fragment must be in place within seven (7)days.

Please state the EXACT link as to where you are placing the web Ring.
If we have to search for the web Ring .. your site will be deleted.

4. If for some reason your site was not approved you are welcome to write to the wwi-Founders@yahoogroups.com
She will review your site personally and let you know of our decision.

5. You will need to save the following graphics to your website server and change the image name in the ring code to reflect your choice, so that it shows up properly on your web Ring pages. 
Please DO not link to our server.

Thank you and we will see you soon! 


"Women With Integrity " is not to be held responsible nor liable for the content or accuracy of any pages linked to or referenced from this site nor do we necessarily endorse the pages. 

These web sites are for your convenience only. 

It is the responsibility of the sites in the Ring to evaluate the content and usefulness of information and to ensure that their content is family orientated.

You are most welcome to join the
Women with Integrity Web Ring


Many thanks to Jonathan Earl Bowser
For permission to use your wonderful graphics.

Contents are the property of Women With Integrity

Whilst visiting would you be kind enough
to sign our guestbook!!