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Hi there Members!


Feeling lonely depressed, or just want to chat, this is the fun committee for you- come on in share with us, be it troubles or just a need to vent, or be it laughter or share whatever you wish with other members.

This Family Chat Group consists of Women of many Nations, from all walks of life and discussions are varied - humorous, sometimes sad, we discuss our families, our successes and yes even our failures.

Most of all we try to bring unity among women in Cyber Space.

To be an active Member you have to participate in the various discussions and games, and yes even prayers, when illness befalls one or a members family.

The task of this Committee is to provide a peaceful Haven  for the Members of WWI, most of all humor and to make it enjoyable for one and all.



The Committee Team Leaders

Cari Team Leader
Anya   Assistant Leader
Alicia Sharon Marie
Damc DebsC  Lynda
Melissa Jayce Shakira
Gina /Kat Geena Val
B'Anne Linh Susika
Mary Roberta Suzanna
Melissa Jen LinH
Majorie Gail Gloria
Icemaid Owners Anne


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