Crowning the Years



Walk with me in gardens
Close your eyes and share
the peace in our existence
Is captured everywhere

Welcome Mikki
to your
Appreciation Pages

Dear Mikki
On behalf of the Women with Integrity
We would like to thank you for your
generosity in allowing us usage of your wonderful
Art, it is with Artists like yourself that make
working with Graphics such a pleasure:
Our most sincere thanks Mikki

We would like to present you with your Award
for the kindness you have shown us all:

We really appreciate you,
for your helpful, giving ways,
And how your generous heart
Your unselfishness displays.
We thank you for your kindness,
We will not soon forget;
You are one of the nicest people
We have ever met.
How can such kindness be repaid at all


You care about people and it really shows.
You are generous with your time, giving of your energy,
lavish with your unselfish deeds.
We will remember your kindness to us.
Thank you for brightening our world
with your thoughtfulness.

It has really meant a lot to us all.

Thank You

With great appreciation from all of us here
at WWI, you have with your participation and interaction
aided our Group in many ways:
We thank you for your dedication over the years:



Mikki Please go on to your pages that the 
members have prepared for you

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On behalf of our WWI Staff & myself
we wish to thank all the Members who so graciously
and unselfishly took part in the Members Gifts Pages,
it is members such as yourselves that has
made it all  worthwhile.


To Eric, our Judge  who had a difficult task  many thanks
is extended to you this day.
To our Members who elected our Member of the Year,
and to all our participants. Many thanks.
Special acknowledgments go to Louise,
 Janice, Edith, Marianne, Lavada, Dale, & Anne
in preparing these pages.
Thank you for your assistance.

We do hope you enjoyed your visit,

as we enjoyed having you, please visit us again soon.
Many thanks to ŠAnna Iliwaneg CDO_4464
for permission to use your wonderful graphics.


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