Eric' s  superb artistry, refined by years of practice, reminds us
of the harmony, beauty and balance that still exist in our natural world.

Sometimes when the road gets rough, 
Just close your eyes and dream, 
of where this journey is taking you 
and the joys & happiness it brings. 


Ladies meet Eric

Eric Shepherd was born in Derbyshire England.
From an early age he was always drawing which led him to

his profession as an artist/ Mural painter

Wildlife was his first passion with paintings and photography.

In his thirties Eric was commissioned to go to America to paint
huge murals for the movie industry in Florida.

Eric emigrated to Australia in 1980 with his wife and two children.

Eric hates cruelty to all animals, be they wild or domesticated.

He had been fortunate in having his works featured on Calendars,
Greeting Cards, China pottery, and limited edition prints.

His original paintings can be found in private collections
and galleries all around the world.

Eric, is a wonderful artist, managing to do for a living
what most of us can only fantasize about.

Eric, shares his wondrous experiences through his
artwork, so vividly, that we feel that we are there too.

Now you too can own a print of your own

Visit Eric's site and let him show you his world of beauty
wildlife, and his love of Birds and nature as a whole


This is a rare opportunity for you to start your own
collection of Eric Shepherd's  artwork.  
Eric's prints will bring you pleasure for years to come.

To Learn more about Eric please visit his site:

©Eric Shepherd
Please go to  Eric's site and Eric will show you
his  world of beauty and enchantment.
Our first prize comes to you
courtesy of WWI


Details for the Competition:


Date for the Competition: Date


Date for the Competition 07th  July   2014


Date for the Competition 8th August   2014


   Date for  Judging

10th August   2014


   Winners Announced

12th August   2014

Prizes for each Section

  An Eric Shepherd's Print for First Place
in the 3 Sections compliments
of Mr. Eric Shepherd

Section Prizes are as follows

Forum Sets Ist Prize An Eric Shepherd Print
  2nd Prize 3 tubes of your Choice from CDO
Stats Ist Prize An Eric Shepherd Print
  2nd Prize 3 tubes of your Choice from CDO
Tags Ist Prize An Eric Shepherd PrintPrint
  2nd Prize 3 tubes of your Choice from CDO
The member with the most entries throughout
these 3 areas will receive:
3 Tubes of your choice from CDO

Eric we thank you for your generosity,
you made this possible with your kind heart

Thanks from us all

So Ladies, this is an opportunity for you All
This Competition covers the following Groups.


WWI Magical Mist
WWI Magical Creations
WWI Magical Stats & Scraps

Thank you for Eric for your generosity and kindness
bestowed on us all
Graphic: Eric Shepherd
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Tags / Stats  Created by Members
©Original artwork remains
the copyright property of ©Eric Shepherd