On behalf of Louise, Caz , Anne,& I
our Management Team,
We take this opportunity to congratulate
    Member of Year,
this is a very special occasion for all of us
Sisters & Friends of WWI

Today we gather in our group
to celebrate the crowning of
Our Member of the Year

Congratulations Edith





Our Member of the Year
We walked as sisters, together, along a sunny lane
She showed us love, where there once was only pain
She can brighten your day with just a warm smile
She knows if shown love, one can walk that extra mile

She gives of herself through gentleness and grace
Helping us all keep a tender smile upon our face
She is our sister, our angel, our loving friend
With her beautiful guidance, she helps us mend

All life's conflicts, turning them into life's gains
She never has a sad moment.. She never complains
For she is our sister, our friend, and how we love her so
And with this tribute, we all hope that she will know

She is our inspiration, for the year Two Thousand-Fourteen
 She is our shining light this coming year
A true sense of friendship, a sense of great pride
A smile so warmly kept….deep, deep, so deep inside

Sister B'Anne
©Barbara Jeffries-Taylor

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On behalf of our WWI Staff & myself
we wish to thank all the Members who so graciously
and unselfishly took part in the Members Gifts Pages,
it is members such as yourselves that has
made it all  worthwhile.


To our Judges who have had a difficult task  many thanks
is extended to you this day.
To our Members who elected our Member of the Year,
and to all our participants. Many thanks.
Special acknowledgments go to Caz, Janice, Anne ,
in preparing these pages.
Thank you for your assistance.

We do hope you enjoyed your visit,

as we enjoyed having you, please visit us again soon.
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