To all Our Participants
of the
Eric Shepherd's Graphics Competition


On behalf of Women with Integrity
We would like to thank all
our participants and we congratulate
you on your endeavors.

We believe those of you who took
in the competition are all winners, 

Our most sincere thanks go to all of you:

We would like to present you with your Participation
Here are a couple of gifts for you:
Our most sincere thanks for your wonderful
entries and your willingness to participate


We really appreciate you, Ladies & Gentleman
for your helpful, giving ways,
and how your generous heart
Your unselfishness displays.

August 2014

On behalf of our WWI Staff & myself
we wish to thank all the Members who so graciously
and unselfishly took part in the Members Gifts Pages,
it is members such as yourselves that has
made it all  worthwhile
Thank you Ladies:


We do hope you enjoyed your visit,

as we enjoyed having you, please visit us again soon.
Many thanks to ©Anna Iliwaneg
for permission to use your wonderful graphics.



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