"This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased"

Can we lighten the paths of our sister's, as we pass them by
Can we show them Your Love , when we glance eye to eye
It is not so hard to walk with peace, upon this beautiful land
To sit in sisterhood & Jesus, hand in hand

ęBarbara Jeffries Taylor



On behalf of our Staff, Team Leaders,

We would like to wish all our Members,
A very Happy & Joyous Easter


God Bless each one of you and
those you dear and near to you .


Easter Blessings

The Easter Season's here,
bringing with it too
happy thoughts of those who mean
so much the whole year through

A sign of hope and new birth,
Their tender blossoms kissed the earth.

With star shaped centers, leaves upraised,
Tis' Easter's symbol; nature's praise.

Daffodils, born during lent,
Are Lenten Lilies; heaven sent.

Their leaves upturned in praise unto
Christ, who gave Himself for you.

  ęDot McGinnis 2014


Wishing you & yours
A very
Happy & Blessed Easter

Special acknowledgement to all our Members
for their contribution in making this Easter
so very special.
Our Special thanks go out to our Staff today
for your guidance and assistance,
you are truly awesome:




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