Happy  13th  Anniversary


A  toast to all  our Sisters
Past & Present


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So raise your glasses high




What a feat!!

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On behalf of our WWI Staff & myself
we wish to thank all the Members who have
have shown kindness and generosity of spirit and caring
 when the need arose to their fellow Members.
We have indeed been fortunate as we
come from all walks of life, all creeds, and we do so
without animosity, but with care for our online
sisters and friends:
Ladies you have build a legacy of love:
thank you:

Congratulations Dear Members,



Women With Integrity

Women With Integrity
The sun comes over
this beautiful land
As Women With Integrity stand proudly,
hand in hand

Each one is unique,
we come from different walks of life
Together we stay bound,
through happiness or strife

Women With Integrity
That is who we are
Our voices of love can be heard,
both, near and far

Women With Integrity

You reach for us we're always there
As constant as a precious prayer
Holding on with all our gifts
Making sure our love will lift

Time it surely slips away
Yet we're here and always stay
Need us for a tender touch
You always can reach out to us

Looking out for all that's bright
We see you in a special light
We'll carry you without a fear
Hold you close and know you'll hear

How very much will always be
The friend that you need constantly
We know your heart we see it clear
The reason why we're always here

So join us in this life's equation
Our hearts are joined in all persuasions
No matter where in life you are
We gather friendships near or far

In life and light and all that's clear
Our friendships gathered so sincere

Gathered in each special light
Our hearts all joined with pure delight.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright June 17, 2013

The dream that  was  but a dream
Now a wondrous reality



On behalf of our WWI Staff & myself
we wish to thank all the Members who so graciously
and unselfishly took part in the Members Gifts Pages,
it is members such as yourselves that has
made it all  worthwhile.


To our Judges who have had a difficult task  many thanks
is extended to you this day.
To our Members who elected our Member of the Year,
and to all our participants. Many thanks.
Special acknowledgments go to Caz, Janice, Anne ,
in preparing these pages.
Thank you for your assistance.

We do hope you enjoyed your visit,

as we enjoyed having you, please visit us again soon.
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