Pumpkin faces
dance and gleam
and Ghosts walk by
on halloween

On behalf of Women with Integrity
We would like to congratulate you for your
beautiful entry and for being our winner
in our Halloween  Competition.

Ladies, your creativity & designs as well as your participation
is just awesome.

Well Done Ladies



Our Winner in the Tags Section


who won with this creation


Our Second Place


Second Place was won by Shorty with this image

Congratulations Ladies Well done!


Our most sincere thanks go out to our Artists today

Ladies thank you
for your wonderful creativity and for taking part in this competition.


Our Artists superb artistry, their gracious and generous permissions
reminds us of the harmony, beauty and balance that
still exists in our natural world.

The artwork featured within these pages, could not have been
achieved without the permissions of our very talented Artists.

Our most sincere thanks go out to our Artists today.

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