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A  toast to all  our Sisters

Past & Present


To all Members past and present
this poem
was written especially
for you

Women With Integrity

Women caring, that’s what we truly are
Coming from places that are near and far
A sisterhood was created, all walks of life
Here to exchange good times or strife

Bonds that we make, do not stand alone
Our love is clear, and so well shown
If a sister is in need, all she need do is ask
Caring Women are there to take on the task

With a kind word, a hug, smiles that abound
Encouragement is there without making a sound
They light up our road when we cannot see
Giving us the courage to be you and me

From all walks of life, we are all different this is true
But as Caring Women we are united and true
To ourselves, and our sisters with love we do stand
Together, forever…hand in Hand…

Barbara Jeffries-Taylor
© June 8th, 2002

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