Wishing you all
A Happy New Year




"A new year is unfolding"
like a blossom with petals curled tightly 
concealing the beauty within"



Happy New Year
To our wonderful Staff we would like to extend our thanks
now and always, for your thoughfulness and kindnesses shown
to our members, special thanks go to Louise, Annie, and Anne.
Louise, thank you for keeping the group together -
 Anne & Annie thank you for keeping everyone updated
It is much appreciated.. thanks Ladies
for being here with us.
  • Icemaid





    Women all united
    With love across the lands
    Women With Integrity
    Each day our love expands.

    ©Barbara Jeffries Taylor
    Ladies - lets us take a moment and reflect on our sisters and friends online ,
     who have suffered  the loss of a loved one and also some have lost their home,
    may the New Year bring comfort and peace


    Many thanks to our wonderful Staff & Members for their
     participation, caring, sharing and being more

    than just friends:

    Happy New Year Everyone
    May the New Year bring you
    Health, happiness love and prosperity
    May you always have Love:
    Louise, Icemaid & Anne


    Thanks to our participating Artists  for their generosity
    kindness you have bestowed on us all
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