Jody's superb artistry, refined by years of practice, reminds us
of the harmony, beauty and balance that still exist in our natural world.

Sometimes when the road gets rough, 
Just close your eyes and dream, 
of where this journey is taking you 
and the joys & happiness it will bring. 

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Ladies meet Jody,

Jody is a wonderful artist, managing to do for a living
what most of us can only fantasize about.

Jody shares her wondrous experiences through her
artwork, so vividly, that we feel that we are there too.
This is a rare opportunity for you to start your own
collection of Jody Bergsma's  artwork.  
Jody's prints will bring you pleasure for years to come.

To Learn more about Jody please visit her site:

©Jody Bergsma
Please go to  Jody's site and Jody will show you
her world of beauty.

Commencement of Competition:

Date :       25th November 2012
Deadline : 12th December 2012
Judged :   13th December  2012
Results  :  14th December 2012

So Ladies, this is an opportunity for you All
This Competition covers the following Groups.


WWI Magical Mist
WWI Magical Creations

Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year Everyone
Thank you for Jody for your generosity and kindness
bestowed on us all
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