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Sweet Sisters of WWI


Today we celebrate the crowning of


Our Mother of the Year


Congratulation Anne
WWI Mother Of the Year


Our Mother of the Year

Beautiful bows and ribbons
hung around the door
Sweet smelling rose pedals
cover the floor
All preparations, finished,
the celebration has begun
The cape and crown now wait,
for our special one

Mother of the Year,
that is what we will celebrate
We are all so excited,
we can hardly wait
Oh my, there she stands,
like an angel at Heaven’s gate
She is love and understanding
all rolled into one

Breaking through life’s dark clouds,
like a golden sun
Wiping away tears,
with her gentle hand
Giving us strength to see,
as we try to understand
All the wonderful, and sometimes painful,
mysteries of life

We can see all the beauty,
and once again, throw away the strife
She is our sister,
now crowned our mother, our Queen
She is the most beautiful lady
we have ever seen

This is your moment, this is your day
As we all gather together and shout hip, hip hooray
We crown you
Our Beautiful Sister,
And now Our Gentle Queen
The most Heavenly lady, we have ever seen

Barbara Jeffries-Taylor
© May 3, 2010


Special acknowledgement to Anne & all who
nominated our Mother of the Year, thanks to all of you,
in making this Mother's Day so very special.

Thank you from all of us.
Happy Mother's Day.


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