To Our Valentine

Your friendship means so much to us
as we wander through life each day
and thank the Lord for bringing you
into our group that wondrous day

Just saying those beautiful words, " you are wonderful"
Somehow does not seem to fully convey
How much your friendship means to us
Nor how much a part in our lives you play

Let the whole world hear us now
As we take your hands, and do say
That you are truly wonderful,
Our Valentine
On this Valentine's Day

Barbara Jeffries-Taylor
January 7, 2008

Many  thanks  Barbara / B'anne
for your wonderful contribution
to our
Valentine's Celebrations.

Many thanks to our wonderful members for their
 participation in our Valentine Graphics Competition,
Ladies your artistic skills leave me breathless.
To all the Ladies who voted, our heartfelt gratitude.

Special acknowledgement to B'anne  Anne, Janice,
Brightfaith, MsSue
and our Celebration Web Design Committee, 
for their contribution in making this Valentine's Day
so very special.

Thank you from all of us.