We learn to know each other
And learn to love and care,
Sharing our inner thoughts
Women from everywhere.


Some roses may be red
And yes, violets could be blue
But one thing does stand, tried and true
That is the love that shines
From Our Valentine across this land

Our Valentine is there When comfort is needed
She holds out her loving hand
When one is misguided, cannot find her way
Our Valentine holds a watchful torch
So our sister can find her way

When a sister has fallen ill
And cannot make it through the day
Our Valentine will be with her come what may
Yes Our Valentine will be with her, and pray
There is never a fleeting moment
That her love does not shine true

So, on a very special day when
Roses are red, and violets are blue
Women With Integrity, will shout
Valentine, sister mine, we all love YOU.

Barbara Jeffries-Taylor
January 15, 2008

Many  thanks  Barbara / B'anne
for your wonderful contribution
to our
Valentine's Celebrations.


Many thanks to our wonderful members for their
 participation in our Valentine Graphics Competition,
Ladies your artistic skills leave me breathless.
To all the Ladies who voted, our heartfelt gratitude.

Special acknowledgement to B'anne  Anne, Janice,
Brightfaith, MsSue
and our Celebration Web Design Committee, 
for their contribution in making this Valentine's Day
so very special.

Thank you Icemaid, Anne, Ms Sue.