From the ashes of despair
Our towns will rise again!
We will mourn our losses, we will rebuild.
We are Australian!


Together we will rebuild !


Together we pray for all those,
who so tragically lost their lives:
Together we pray for those
who are injured and homeless.
God Bless and keep you all safe.


The  following  pages are dedicated to our great country Australia, its courageous people
who were unprepared
for the fury of the fires that ravaged the countryside,
wiping out homes, animals, lives,  and its wake leaving despair, utter devastation,
at the number of lives and homes as well whole communities lost to us,
 many made homeless and the fires continue burning,
Let us pray that these fires will be contained!
       Australia grieves its losses:
Down in the deep southern seas
Lies Australia, a country
Of extremes and contrasts
And wide borders oh so vast.


Today all Australia weeps
As millions of eyes sweep
To the South as fire scorches lands
 And the North where fires  expand.


Thousands of fighters fought the fires
While others evacuated as flames grew higher.
Volunteers came from all races and attire.
They were / are the heroes, overworked and ever so tired.


Outpouring tears of anger and frustration
When the truth of this tragedy's creation
Gradually became known and revealed;
It was unbelievable, totally unreal.


Yet Australia is a country proud and true
United she stands and ready to pursue
The repairing of the scorched and depleted land;
Everyone come together, joining hand in hand.


From this outpouring of unconditional love
The sun will forever shine in the sky above
Australia as she lies in the deep southern seas,
Alive with dreams and contrasts and forever free.

©Joanne Pons, 15th  January 2020


God Bless and keep you strong in your resolve
to rebuild a new and better tomorrow. 

Together We will rebuild:

Together we will pray for all those,
who so tragically lost their lives:



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