Dear Nadia  &  Family

Your Sisters and Online Friends
Women with Integrity
Magical Mists
Magical Creations
 Send you their deepest sympathy
on the sad loss of your Father, Teacher  &  friend:


Please accept our most sincere condolences



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Sweet Angel of Compassion
You heard our heartfelt pleas
Asking for your presence
We're down on bended knees

Watching so much sorrow
Each day will just bring more
Hold us with your loving wings
Saddened hearts implore

Come and hold us closely
We need you by our side
Comfort and console us
With dawn each day we cry

We need your gentle softness
To help us all get through
Know you are a gift of God
His mission just for you

Overwhelmed with love now
You've come to us this day
Gentle soft sweet whispers
Your floral gift's sachet

Flowers in the breeze you bring
They fall from heaven's light
Gift of love you're sending now
Compassion through the night.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©used with permission




On earth the family weeping
For who was lost was found
No longer will they see him
Or hear his words rebound


The Lord in all His Beauty
Welcomed him with love
Told him He was happy
To have him up above


Your father smiled in wonder
Such glory he has seen
Angels there to greet him
So beautifully serene


He watches now from heaven
Upon a special cloud
With very special angels
His friends in life avowed


Within their wings now holding
Their very special friend
Who on this earth adored them
Each gentle heart now blends


My family I am with you
Forever and a day
I'm watching you so closely
With you I'll always stay


Used with Permission

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armsofanangelbar.jpg (6364 bytes)

Miha Dovzan - Midi - Vecerni Zvon
Used with Permission
Poetry ©Francine
Used with Permission
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